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Distinctive cuisine and creative beverage concepts are Pullman hallmarks. Pullman Danang showcases Vietnam’s epicurean expertise and service excellence in each restaurant and bar.
  • restaurant-epice

    Restaurant Epice


    Epice is the spot in Danang for discovering local delicacies and gourmet Vietnamese cuisine. Pullman Danang Beach Resort’s signature restaurant – open everyday from 6:30am to 10pm –...

  • azure-beach-lounge

    Azure Beach Lounge

    Bar / Lounge

    The revamped Azure Beach Lounge sits directly on the soft white sands of Danang’s shores. Three distinct areas welcome guests for casual dining – indoors and out – or chilled drinks,...

  • infinity-bar

    Infinity Bar

    Bar / Lounge

    Endless views are what give the Infinity Bar its name. This elegant lobby lounge overlooks Zen-inducing ponds and, beyond that, the turquoise waters of the East Vietnam Sea. The ideal setting...

  • surf-n-turf-burger

    Surf n’ Turf Burger

    Enjoy the luxurious combination of prime beef and luxurious lobster with our new signature burger! Available at Azure Beach Lounge this summer, our Surf n’ Turf Burger...

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  • liquid-nitrogen-ice-cream

    Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream

    Pullman Danang Beach Resort is the home of liquid nitrogen ice cream. Fresh natural ingredients are chilled at the table in front of your eyes using super-cold liquid nitrogen...

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  • bento-box

    Bento Box

    Experience the true taste of Japan with a traditional bento box, which combines a healthy and delicious assortment of snacks in one easy meal. Our bento boxes come packed with...

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  • grilled-slipper-lobster

    Grilled Slipper Lobster

    Full of flavor yet light on the stomach, our grilled slipper lobster with herb butter is the perfect dish for Vietnam’s warm summer evenings. While slipper lobsters are not...

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  • international-buffet

    International Buffet

    Travel the world with our weekly international buffet, which features an incredible array of culinary delights from across the globe. From the freshest local seafood to magical...

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  • beach-bbq-buffet

    Beach BBQ Buffet

    Indulge your taste buds with an incredible all-you-can-eat BBQ Buffet dinner! From the freshest local seafood, grilled to perfection, to a mouth-watering selection of grilled...

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  • bubbles-beats-brunch

    Bubbles, Beats & Brunch

    Kick start your leisurely Sunday with our exquisite “Bubbles, Beats & Brunch” buffet, held on the first Sunday of the month! Treat your family and friends with an array...

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