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Sóng Water Sport

Hours: 06.00 AM – 05.00 PM

Complimentary water sports activities for in-house guests.

Make the best memories in the first sun rays & elevate your Danang holiday with the pristine beach of Pullman Danang Beach Resort. Discover a wide range of energetic beach activities at Sóng Water Sport & pick your favorite sport here:



1.  Stand-up Paddle-Boarding:


Stand-up paddle boarding is one the world’s fastest- growing water sports, offering a fun and exhilarating experience as well as a range of healthy benefits. A variation on surfing, rider stand on their board and use a paddle to steer their way through the gentle waves. This is a great way to born fat and tone your muscles, as well as being immensely fun and liberating.

So take to the waves, fell the cooling ocean spray, and discover this new wonderful new way to keep fit, relax, and unwind.


Put on your board shorts, paddle out, and catch a wave! Surfing is arguably the coolest of all water sports, as well as being one of the most challenging. A great cardiovascular exercise, surfers use their upper body muscles to do the paddling work and leg muscles to guide the board across the crests of the waves. With only your natural balance to rely on, surfing provides an intense challenge; but once a surfer has caught their first wave, this sport offers an adrenalin rush like no other!


For guests wanting to experience life on the waves with an activity that is fun, relaxing and keeps you fit, kayaking is the perfect option. Combining the peace and serenity of gently undulating seas with an aerobic workout that can be as gentle or vigorous as you like, kayaking offers the best of both worlds. Enjoy some peaceful time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, kayaking offers an experience like no other.



  • If can not swim, recommend not going into the sea or the pool.
  • When swimming at the beach, must always swim between the red and yellow flags, which indicate that the beach is patrolled.
  • For your safety when the beach is closed, two red flags and the signage of “No swimming” are placed.
  • Strongly request to not swim into the sea at the time.
  • Never swim at night time
  • If feel like you need help when out at sea, stay calm, raise hand in the air and shout for help
  • if you see someone else in trouble, tell a lifeguard immediately and continue to watch the person in trouble
  • Keep an eye on children at all times
  • Don’t swim after drinking alcohol.
  • Alcohol, fireworks, pets and glass containers are not permitted on the beach or the pool.

For reservation, please contact H8838-GR2@accor.com or hotline +84 236 395 8888

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