Pullman Danang Beach Resort - Luxury hotel - Summer Bingsu

Summer Bingsu

Summer Bingsu
From 01/04/2024 until 30/06/2024

Step into the summer with the 2 most loved bingsu of the tropical paradise: Mango Bingsu & Red Dragon Fruit Bingsu

With a gorgeous appearance & refreshing savor, topped with juicy, sun-kissed mango chunks or vivid red fruit balls, Mango Bingsu & Red Dragon Fruit Bingsu brings milk-based shaved ice to a new level with a Korean twist.

Enjoy Mango Bingsu /망고빙수/ with the smooth red bean paste, crafted wholeheartedly by Pullman’s experts. Shimmered in 14 continuous hours, our red beans are coated with corn syrup to create a glossy & tasty finish. Together with the velvety shaved ice, coupled with the vibrant sweetness of ripe mangoes, Mango Bingsu creates a refreshing and indulgent treat that transports you to a tropical paradise in every spoonful. Crowned with a creamy scoop of ice cream of your choice, Mango Bingsu is the ultimate cool-down dessert for those craving a glimpse of sunshine.

Elevate your beach getaway with a spoonful of Red Dragon Fruit Bingsu /용과빙수/. Dig into the mountain of velvet balls to find the treasury of shaved ice inside. Feel each frozen scoop of freshness melts on your tongue and let the mellow taste of this magical fruit bless your soul. Drizzled with sweetened condensed milk, Red Dragon Fruit Bingsu is a perfect choice to share the comfort with your friends.



Available daily at Infinity Bar & Epice Restaurant.

VND 299.000 net 

*Off 10% for in-house guests

*Off 10% for Accor Plus members

For reservation, please contact hotline: (+84) 236 395 8888 or email: H8838-FB5@accor.com

Included in this offer:

  • Mango Bingsu: mango, milky shaved ice, 1 ice cream scoop, red bean paste & condensed milk
  • Red Dragon Fruit Bingsu: red dragon fruit, milky shaved ice, red bean paste & condensed milk
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