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Explore Danang with Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Danang - the third-largest city in Vietnam - is located in the middle of the Heritage Culture Road in the center of Vietnam - offers a vibrant destination that perfectly travels to North or South to get away from hustle life. Get ready with Pullman Danang Beach Resort with the detailed 04-Day-03-Night itinerary to explore this beautiful coastal landscape.   Fuel your energy with a stay at Pullman Danang Beach Resort. Managed by Accor Hotels group, Pullman Hotels & Resorts sets a new tempo in global travel and living, delivering an inspiring, energizing and enriching experience to new entrepreneurs. Pullman welcomes you with the space they need to focus, work and play.

Pullman Danang Resort - source: _minekoo

Pullman Danang Beach Resort - source: _minekoo

Day 1: Danang

Golden Bridge - Source: Sunworld

Ba Na Hill: If you have 4 days in Da nang, Bà Nà Hills would be an ideal stop on the first day. At the top of Ba Na Hills is a park featuring a replica European castle, and a spectacular underground amusement park carved into the mountain, featuring many types of rides. Located in the Truong Son mountain range at an altitude of 1487m, Ba Na is one of the most interesting areas in the region as often one can feel the four distinct seasons within a single day: morning - spring, noon - summer, afternoon - autumn, and evening - winter. Visitors to Ba Na can take the hiking trail to enjoy views of the beautiful natural landscape.

Champa museum - source: internet

The Cham Museum in Da Nang is one of the largest collections of Cham sculpture and artwork in the world. Visiting the museum, you still perceive an individual atmosphere particular to this place, the reverie of reminiscences. The main building was constructed in 1915. It evokes some motifs of French colonial architecture in the early twentieth century and resembles the image of the Champa temples - towers in Central Viet Nam.

The Marble Mountains - Source: internet

The Marble Mountains are a range of peaks located to the south of Danang. Each of these picturesque marble and limestone hills is said to represent one of the five elements of the universe: water, wood, fire, metal and earth. Sacred in ancient Buddhist and Hindu culture, the Marble Mountains are home to many caves and tunnels that house shrines and sanctuaries. Visitors can also climb a stairway to the summit, which offers stunning views of the surrounding area

Linh Ung pagoda - Source: mcphuonguyen020992

Linh Ung Pagoda is situated on Son Tra Peninsula, 639 meters above the sea level and 7,3km kilometers away from Pullman Danang Beach Resort. The pagoda faces the peninsula, overlooking the East Sea. There is Cu Lao Cham Island to the left of the pagoda and a spectacular view of Hai Van Mountain to the right.

Day 2: Hoi An - World Heritage Road

HoiAn - source: Vnexpress

Hoi An Ancient Town is truly the most charming place in Central Vietnam. The well-preserved architecture from the 18th century to the multicultural way of life in this ancient area lure visitors from across the world. In December 1999, Hoi An Ancient Town was recognized as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Exploring Hoi An on foot is the best way to absorb the beauty of this former trading port. The most remarkable views can be obtained from the ancient houses, reminding visitors of a bygone era and providing a momentary glimpse into an enchanting history.

Quang noodle - Source: Robert Lam

Tra Que village - source: phuot3mien

Being a green lover? You may regret missing Tra Que village. Tra Que is a charming little village located just a few kilometers northeast of Hoi An. Nestled between the De Vong River and Tra Que Pond, this is a delightful place to learn about the lifestyle of Vietnamese farmers. Famed for its natural produce, Tra Que village grows many of the herbs and vegetables sold at Hoi An's markets and served in local restaurants.

You can refer to the itinerary to discover Hoi An here!

Day 3: My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary - Source: Internet

Let's visit My Son Sanctuary to find the Champa Kingdom of many centuries ago and be immersed in the unique art-architecture space. In about 1 hour by car to My Son, visitors will discover what's new and special about this place. My Son Sanctuary was once a place of burial and worshiping for Champa kings and royalty, known as one of the main centers of Hinduism in Southeast Asia. Has a limited area but possesses up to 7 art styles divided into 10 different groups. From here, visitors can imagine the daily life and beliefs of the ChamPa people in the most glorious period of development. In 1999, My Son Sanctuary was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage.

Day 4: Hue - Ancient city - vibrant journey

Hue - source: vntravellive

Hue City, located on the Huong (Perfume) River, is a must-see destination on Vietnam's heritage trail. Just three hours drive north of Danang, Hue was the imperial capital city of Vietnam for approximately 150 years during feudal times (1802–1945). Although many of its finest buildings were destroyed during the Vietnam War, the city is still a stunning land of pagodas, temples and tombs that will fascinate visitors.  

Here are some tourist destinations and schedules in Da Nang to discover. Beside that, we offer full day tour services, you can find more information here or contact our customer service department!

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