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Spa & Life Style

Pullman Danang Beach is perhaps the best-equipped 5-star resort in Vietnam for life style and activity lovers. Boating, golf, cooking classes, kite flying… The list of activities is as long as it is diverse.

The Nang Spa

Pullman Danang Beach Resort takes care of you – head to toe, body and mind. The Nang Spa is a haven of well-being and serenity that offers a wide range of massages, bathing rituals, facials and body treatments.


Methods are based on both traditional and modern holistic practices. Reflexology and massages promote inner peace and harmony. Wraps pamper the body, and scrubs reveal the skin’s radiance.

On top of luxurious treatments, guests of Pullman Danang Beach Resort get free access to the steam room, sauna and plunge pool. Retreat, unwind, revitalize… This is your time-out zone.

Pullman Fit Lounge

Active travellers can stay in shape at Pullman Danang Beach Resort’s Fit Lounge. Next-generation fitness machines get the heart rate going. Yoga mats and balance balls are standard equipment for increasing flexibility and muscle tone.

Guests can tread, row, climb and stretch with full views of the resort’s pool and gardens. Physical trainers are on hand to boost exercise routines and help reach new levels of fitness.

A daily activities schedule includes aerobics classes, yoga sessions and other sports activities – for an energizing and fun workout.

Improving vitality and performance is made easy at Pullman hotels.

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