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Top Activities In “Enjoy Danang Summer Festival” 2022 You Shouldn’t Miss

A vibrant summer in Da Nang with a series of exciting events are waiting for you to explore. Let's get started on experiencing this “Enjoy Danang Summer Festival 2022”!

1. Carnival Sunfest 2022

The opening event for Enjoy Danang Summer Festival 2022 is Carnival Sunfest. Taking place between 19:30 to 21:00 every Saturday and Sunday, this event occurs from 25 June to 24 July 2022. The route of the Sunfest Carnival parade with the starting point from Tran Thi Ly Bridge to the South West park of Dragon Bridge meanwhile the significant part can be found at the stage of Bach Dang square is on the stage of Bach Dang Square. It is a costume and street parade activity to promote Vietnam tourism in general and Da Nang tourism in particular. This activity consists of 10 model cars with promotional themes such as: Cham Museum, Dragon Bridge, Golden Bridge, Sunwheel, Sun God Waterfall, Time Gate,...

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The street costume festival features 76 international dancers and artists from Russia, Colombia, Brazil… which intend to give Da Nang an energetic, vibrant summer atmosphere. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the bustling tunes, beautiful dances, and vibrant music at the Enjoy Danang Summer Festival 2022 - Carnival Sunfest.

2. Music Festival “Take Me To The Sun”

Following the activities in the series of events of “Enjoy Danang Summer Festival 2022” is the music festival “Take Me To The Sun”. The large-scale concert brings together a group of famous artists. The stage was set up to accommodate 10,000 people. Music genres include: Pop, Rock, Hiphop,...  

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  By the Sun Wheel, there is also a spectacular fireworks display. This musical event is scheduled to take place at the Asian park on 09 July 2002. An explosive music event, stirring up the Enjoy Danang Summer Festival 2022 will bring visitors great emotions.

3. Danang Electronic Carnival

Make the most of "Enjoy Danang Summer Festival 2022" with the international electronic music festival on the evening of 13 August 2022 about the Enjoy Danang Summer Festival 2022, there will be an international electronic music festival on the evening of August 13. Numerous well-known DJs from Vietnam and other countries will perform at the concert, which will take place in the Asian Park. What a great music event - promises to bring event in the Enjoy Danang Summer Festival 2022 that promises to bring visitors a truly explosive music experience.

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4. B’estival Food And Beer 2022

Joining the "Enjoy Danang Summer Festival 2022" atmosphere, Sun World Ba Na Hills organizes the B'estival Food And Beer. Discover the enticing atmosphere of Beer Plaza right at the Kingdom of Sun. Visitors are drawn to the festival area's European style.  

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Immerse yourself in the fantastic Germen Beer, which is the talk of the town for its unforgettable flavor. is enjoying German beer, which is well-known in the world. Additionally, a competition called "Who's the King of Beer" keeps people interested. The ordainment ceremony will honor the contest winner by giving them the robe, coat of arms, and crown. In addition, visitors can browse a variety of food stalls on their own with Western cuisine staples like grilled sausage, greasy cheese, flavorful roast chicken, crispy hot bread, and so on. Food enthusiasts will be attracted by the bustling atmosphere here.

5. Show “The Battle Of The Moon Kingdom”

The battle of the Moon kingdom is an absolute must-see when visiting Sun World Ba Na Hills. The program started from 30 Apr 2022 to Aug 2022. More than 160 international and Vietnamese actors participate in the show. The artists who get involved in the performance are all professional dancers, promising to bring the highest artistic performance.

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The show is invested in scale, costumes, and choreography to the story that is conveyed to viewers. This outstanding performance definitely won't let you down.   The above-mentioned special events are ones you shouldn't miss during the "Enjoy Danang Summer 2022". Be ready to join. An explosive and frenetic summer is waiting.
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