B'estival Sun World Ba Na Hills

Beer Festival - B'estival Sun World Ba Na Hills 2018

Beer Festival – B’estival 2018

From April 30 to September 5, the Beer Festival will not only take place at Du Dome Square but also at Beer Plaza, a new B’estival venue with a capacity of 3,000 people.

If anyone has ever known Oktoberfest – the famous beer festival from Bavaria, Germany, should not miss the B’estival of Sunworld Ba Na Hills this year. This beer festival reimagines the festive atmosphere with millions of litres of beer and impressive performances by the dancers in bright colors that will give you memorable summer with your family and dearest friends.

Signature beer and dishes

Coming to this fantastic B’estival, beer lovers can soak in a series of unique experiences and, of course, indulge a million of beer, fine-assorted from the most well-known German breweries. The signature dishes from Oktoberfest such as salted bread, German sausages with brand new flavour made only for B’estival, together with the mouth-watering grilled dishes are also served hot on a vast array of food counters, giving the perfect match for the beer festival.

Don’t forget to ask your friends to take on unique costumes from costumes rental booths and go dance with beautiful and charming European maidens and well-groomed gentlemen. Moreover, visitors will have all the time to check-in, capture their fun moments with the festival decorations and probs from the Main Gate to the mountaintop, such as giant beer glasses, beer casks with straws and grains.

No matter who you are or where you are from, feel free to grab a shoulder and drink to the bottom of a new adventure.

A vibrant summer is waiting for you!

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